Principles and commitment

Our principles

The fact of opting for and complying with recognised standards implies that the VILLAPOL GROUP deploys multiple actions based on the following principles:

  • Quality as a concept to be applied in every activity carried out, the protection of the environment, and the promotion of forestry activities based on sustainability criteria is the responsibility of EVERYONE.
  • A culture improvement programme based on a dynamic way of working with shared values and management style, through which the participation of all staff is encouraged towards continuous quality improvement, environmental management and the promotion of sustainable forest management, with a clear awareness of their responsibilities and competencies, for which all staff development processes will be deployed, focusing on unleashing their full potential.
  • A business plan consisting of objectives, through the deployment of measures to achieve success using the relevant resources and techniques provided and at reduced cost.
  • Control of performance in financial, environmental, legal, quality, sustainable forest management, employee and customer satisfaction indicators, maintaining a correct feedback of information both internally and externally, on the behaviour of the same in favour of continuous improvement.
  • Knowledge of one’s own position in relation to competitors, with an understanding of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Effective management of processes to produce results that satisfy all stakeholders by identifying and regularly reviewing the key activities, skills, competencies and resources required to achieve them.
  • Continuous improvement of environmental behaviour, prioritising actions of minimisation, recycling, reuse and prevention, as well as conservation of natural resources, opting for proven, efficient and appropriate technology for the organisation’s resources, and based on the correct interpretation of the applicable legislation.
  • Considering that the VILLAPOL GROUP belongs to the timber sector, its contribution to the promotion of sustainable forest management will project to society a new image of wood as a renewable and ecological product.

The Commitment

This Policy of Environmental Management, Quality and Verification of the Chain of Custody of Forest Products, through the promotion of sustainable forest management, has a scope that covers the entire VILLAPOL GROUP, comprising its two companies LAMINADOS VILLAPOL and MADERAS VILLAPOL, its facilities and internal and external personnel working in them, with the sole exception of the Sawmill activity in terms of the application of ISO 9001:2015.

The same is known and kept up to date at all levels of the organisation, and is no more than a synthesised statement regarding the pillars on which it projects its integral management, being subject to those changes that are considered necessary motivated by continuous improvement, as is the case that justifies this Review, given the adaptation of the organisation to Standard 14001:2015 and the implementation of a Verification System of the Chain of Custody of Forest Products, according to the PEFC and FSC System, which demonstrates its commitment as an economic and social entity.

Óscar Villapol Fernández
Chief Executive Officer.
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